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Swamp Coolers

Swamp Coolers

Don’t Sweat It This Summer: Get Your Swamp Cooler Ready with Pipecraft Plumbing!
Summer’s just around the corner, and the thought of soaring temperatures can make anyone break a sweat. Before you resign yourself to sky-high energy bills, remember your trusty friend – the swamp cooler!

This eco-friendly and cost-effective cooling system offers a breath of fresh air (literally!), but after a long winter nap, it needs a little TLC before tackling the heat. That’s where Pipecraft Plumbing comes in!

Why choose Pipecraft for your swamp cooler startup?

Expert technicians: Our experienced and licensed plumbers are swamp cooler whisperers. They know exactly how to get your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Comprehensive service: We go beyond the basics. We’ll clean your unit, inspect pads and belts, check water levels and motors, and ensure optimal airflow.

Peace of mind: With Pipecraft, you’re covered. We offer warranties on our services and use only the highest quality parts for any repairs.

Time-saving convenience: Skip the DIY hassle and let us handle the dirty work. We’ll have your swamp cooler ready to go before you know it!

Here’s what you get with our swamp cooler startup service:

Thorough cleaning: We’ll remove dust, debris, and mineral buildup to ensure peak performance.

Cooling pad inspection: We’ll assess the condition of your pads and replace them if needed for maximum cooling.

Water level check and refill: We’ll ensure your reservoir is filled to the correct level to prevent damage.
Belt and motor inspection: We’ll check for wear and tear and make necessary adjustments or replacements.
Air passage clearance: We’ll remove obstructions to optimize airflow and cooling efficiency.
Performance test: We’ll make sure your swamp cooler is running smoothly and efficiently before you even turn it on.

Don’t wait until the heat hits! Schedule your swamp cooler startup service with Pipecraft Plumbing today and enjoy a cool, comfortable, and cost-effective summer.

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