Water hammering on a distribution system can be very annoying and sometimes dangerous. Water hammering can be caused by a handful of things- basic issues of water hammering include water pressure being too high, toilet fill valves not operating properly, loose or missing piping supports or a need for hammer arrestors on the water distribution system. Recommended water pressure or PSI is between 50-80. If you or someone you know is experiencing water hammering or knocking please give our experts at Pipecraft Plumbing a call and we can come out and diagnose the problem and offer some solutions. 

Common Questions:

Can water hammer burst pipes?

  • Yes, water hammering can burst pipes. The pipe can rupture and cause a break in the piping system. This occurs when the pipe is not equipped to handle the amount of pressure passing through and instead it bursts.

Where do you put a whole house water hammer arrestor?

  • Correctly sized water hammer arrestors should be installed on the hot and cold water supply piping to that fixture, equipment or apparatus where shock can be produced. A PRV or pressure reducing valve installed on the discharge side of the water meter can be very helpful in protecting the piping system.

How do you test for water hammer?

  • Testing for air in the water lines and for water hammer is easy. If the knocking, banging or echoing starts when you open a valve or turn on a faucet, you most likely have air in your plumbing lines. If the noise starts when a valve closes or the faucet is turned off, you've got water hammer.